One-on-One Sensitivity Training


No workplace or worker is immune to harassing, bullying, discriminatory or violent behaviors. HR Proactive’s specialized trainers can provide individual training sessions which can be customized to address a specific situation.

Sensitivity training sessions may be required when:

  • A harassment complaint is made through your internal complaint procedure
  • Remedial action is required as a result of a third-party workplace investigation
  • Identified through a worker performance appraisal or assessment
  • Interpersonal skills and interaction with others requires enhancement
  • Conflict requires workplace restoration
  • Management requires assistance addressing situations of diversity and accommodation


One-to-One customized training sessions offer an effective way to address unwelcome conduct which can lead to a hostile work environment. Respondents to a complaint are made aware of the impact their behavior has on the Complainant and the entire workplace, as well as their responsibilities, liabilities involved, and potential repercussions. Training sessions are a respectful way to take corrective action, minimize workplace disruption, and encourage a safe and healthy workplace.


HR Proactive will customize a one-to-one sensitivity training session to directly address the circumstances which resulted in the need for training. Active participation is encouraged to allow time for questions and to ensure participants have an understanding of the issues demonstrated. Sessions are approximately three to four hours, and include one or more specific topics relevant to the complaint to ensure that your organization’s learning objectives are met. Training materials presented include videos, PowerPoint presentations, and detailed Participant Guides.

Upon completion of the training, HR Proactive will submit a written report to the Employer which summarizes the topics covered as well as the participation level of the participant. Our trainer will include suggestions for employee support, and provide recommendations for additional assistance if required. A Certificate of Completion is given to the participant to acknowledge successful completion of the training.


We offer the convenience of interactive training sessions in real-time by providing log-in access to our on-line training portal. The training is instructor led with participants following along with the training materials being presented.

Training Topics Available

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