Pride Workplace Training

HR Proactive Inc. empowers employers to foster a workplace culture that recognizes LGBTQ2+ employees as an important part of a diverse workforce.

At HR Proactive Inc., we work with you to build upon your employee training by customizing learning experiences that meet the needs of all team members. 

HR Proactive Inc. helps employers with onboarding, policies, and training that are inclusive and supportive of LGBTQ2+ employees.

Pride Workplace Training Learning Objectives:

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HR Proactive Inc. offers several options to train employees, quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

HR Pro Hosted LMS

HR Pro Hosted LMS

Your own branded Training Platform

SCORM Training File

SCORM Training File

SCORM Training File to upload to your Learning Management System

Streaming Service

Streaming Service

Streaming Service Platform with offline options

Virtual Training

Virtual Training

For 5-100+ Participants. Virtual Custom Meetings

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Strategies to Promote Inclusion of LGBTQ2+ Employees
in the Workplace

What is an Ally?

An Ally is anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, whose attitude and behaviour is anti=-heterosexist and who works toward combating homophobia, heterosexism, and transphobia both on a personal and workplace level.

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