What are some signs of resiliency in your outlook?

WHAT ARE SOME SIGNS OF RESILIENCY IN YOUR OUTLOOK Resiliency is a powerful coping mechanism during times of uncertainty. Resilient people are focused on reality and are able to have realistic expectations during difficult situations. They are willing to try different ways of problem solving, and do not view unsuccessful attempts at solutions as failure, […]

How does resiliency help?

Resiliency keeps amygdala hijack (an immediate overwhelming personal, emotional response) in check. It is the antidote to fear, worry, stress, and anxiety. A mature personality quality, resiliency creates a healthy psychological ability to bounce back from setback, fears, or disappointments. It is natural for some, but everyone can learn to be more resilient than they […]

Workplace impacts of COVID-19 stress with our colleagues.

We may have enjoyed a close relationship with our colleagues prior to COVID-19, but experiencing isolated environments can create heightened emotions, including a great fear of becoming ill from colleagues. Fear is a powerful emotion and can lead to a lack of self-governing abilities, called amygdala hijack, which is named for the affected part of […]

How might COVID-19 stress affect your work?

Everyone copes with stress differently, and it can be difficult to understand how it impacts your work until you experience it. Some characteristic signs of stress are: Low task requirements memory Unable to focus on work Often feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed Missing deadlines Not completing your portion of team tasks Excessive procrastination Sub-par deliverable You […]

What are some signs of COVID-19 stress?

COVID-19 stress can manifest itself in many ways, but we tend to notice it most in three distinct areas: Our physical beings, Our mental states, Our work performance Physical When we feel stress emotionally, our bodies can react physically. Stress, worry, and anxiety may result in you experiencing: Headaches Clenched jaw Back aches Tight muscles […]

What can you do to increase your resiliency?

What Can You Do to Increase Your Resiliency ? When COVID-19 fears feel overwhelming, ask yourself why? What is causing this fear? Is it from a personal experience, superstition, or just your imagination going to its darkest corner? Are you reacting to a situation that has happened to someone else, that you have read of […]