How might COVID-19 stress affect your work?

Everyone copes with stress differently, and it can be difficult to understand how it impacts your work until you experience it.

Some characteristic signs of stress are:

  • Low task requirements memory
  • Unable to focus on work
  • Often feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed
  • Missing deadlines
  • Not completing your portion of team tasks
  • Excessive procrastination
  • Sub-par deliverable

You or your supervisor may notice, through your work, that you are exhibiting the results of COVID-19 stress.

Workplace Impacts of Covid-19 Stress in Our Work

Left unattended, workplace performance that suffers from this kind of stress can deepen and cause:

  • Capability self-doubt
  • Guilt over performance reduction or
  • Fear of job security

No one wants to add these as further COVID-19 concerns!